Beautifully masked


Not everyone who wears one of these is a terrorist. But we all seem to think that. Everyone is an individual. One person’s actions don’t define a whole race. I’m not justifying that person’s actions, I just belive it’s unfair to be predjudiced against anyone without truly knowing who they are, and not who society has turned them into. My poem:

She walks by from head to toe in blue,

Clothed in the Arabian sky and Deep Ocean too,

Another came by in purple, and I could see her face this time,

And such a beautiful face it was that passed with a glow, sparkle, and shine,

Next came one on black, and only eyes blinked,

But when I turned to see her again, it turned out to be a wink,

I wrapped a scarf around my head before my dad stopped me in error,

He came down low to me and whispered, “Don’t be like those terrors”



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