Bowling and Christmas

Merry Christmas! Or should I say merry day-after Christmas. Today our family was thinking about going to the Zapote fair down in San Jose to watch one of the bullfights that show there every year around Christmas and New Years. They’re a really popular thing down here during this time and I’ve read that people from all over the country come to see these shows, so they can get pretty crowded! Anyway, we should have probably gotten our tickets in advance or at least persuaded my dad a little better before telling him the cost (about $28 per person!) but we eventually decided to go bowling down in to a bowling rink near our house called Bol Cariari, which seemed like a great alternative!

I didn’t really bowl that much since I wasn’t feeling so hot (probably too much for Christmas dinner!) but I had a great time watching my sister kick my dad’s butt and vice versa the second time around! My little brother came close behind them and I really can’t blame him. He’s only twelve but he always had fun and always revealed a cheeky smile whenever he unexpectedly got a spare or a strike.


My awesome view from the bowling rink

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that during Christmas time a lot of things that you see being sold on the streets are novelty reindeer made of straw. Well, another thing that I also forgot to mention that you often see are a lot of hand made mangers for the baby Jesus.

Manger scene at Bol Cariari

They’re hand carved and really quite neat! They don’t come with the Christmas figures though. Those you have to buy yourself but it’s not that difficult. They’re in literally every store around Christmas time. And The same goes for the mangers but you should get them while you see them. And the same thing goes for basically everything you find in Costa Rica. The first time I ever saw one of those straw reindeer being sold at la feria, there were dozens and I made the mistake of thinking to myself, “Oh, they’ll be here next week and the week after that. I can get one later.” My mom and I have been scouring all over Escazu and Santa Ana, searching every Navideña store, and literally peeling our eyes open when driving along the streets in hopes of finding one reindeer left!

Hopefully we do before the Christmas season is over and Santa calls all the reindeer out of Costa Rica.






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