What It Feels Like To Get Stung By A Jellyfish

When some people go to the beach, they get a tan. When I go to the beach, I get stung by a jellyfish!

Saturday at Puntarenas, I was hanging out in the shallow end near the shore when all of the sudden, I felt something light and not to exaggerate, “gel-like” on my back and almost immediately, my body felt this jolt of stinging pain all up and down my back and left leg! It was so sudden my body became rigid and it wasn’t until that I saw part of the jellyfish in front of me that I had the sense to run out of the water!

Rest assured when I got to shore, the jellyfish wasn’t following me. I was kind of hurt by the fact that neither of my parents heard or even saw me screaming and splashing and running to shore like a crazy person. Even after I told them what happened, the stinging wouldn’t go away. After two minutes of getting stung, my whole bag had lines or red that puffed out and bubbled and it was the same all around the back of my left leg. I kind of had to just stand there for a few minutes. It hurt to much to move.

I didn’t like the idea of just standing and I know I didn’t want to sit down so my dad took my on a walk down the beach. I have to say, walking did make the pain go down, but my dada and I saw that the stings had become a lot more conspicuous. Stings on my wrists had popped up that I hadn’t even noticed earlier!

But I’m all right now. The stings stopped hurting within 20 minutes of getting them and by the time I got home, so were all the marks! Two weeks ago when I went, I did get a tiny sting from something on my wrist and I didn’t know what it was and before I got stung this weekend, my brother said her felt something sting him too. At least my mom tried to be helpful and offered to pee on me to ease the pain. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be going to Puntarenas for a while now.


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