Museo De Arte Y Diseño

Yes! Finally! I got to go to a museum before school started! You have no idea how happy this made me.

Back in Washington D.C, I always loved going to the Smithsonian museums! Whenever we had a three-day weekend or just a day off school, that’s where I always asked to go. Bottom line, I LOVED going to museums. I loved seeing things from the past and just thinking “I wonder where that came from?” or “I wonder who this might have belonged to?” or even “I’m looking at the same exact thing that people from a thousand years ago or in some point in history looked at”.

It was a few weekends ago with just my mom, dad, and I. The GPS got us a little lost on the way there but we managed to figure it out! We had already been downtown together when we went to the Simón Bolívar zoo. (Also read Simón Bolívar zoo)

Having seen the Smithsonian, I could honestly say I was expecting a lot. When we got there, I realized I was expecting WAY too much!

Beforehand, I was expecting sorts of Edwardian paintings, sculptures, maybe some marbled busts, but that wasn’t exactly what I found. Most of the art was electronic and digital, which was something new to me. I had never seen anything like it. Mostly because one or two of the digital art displayed people smoking and doing pot (not exactly what I had in mind for a museum display) Other than that, there were some digital art displays that I really found intriguing. One piece of digital “art” showed the statue of Simón Bolívar and then how it would look transformed into a video game dystopia. It was called “Bolívar en Guerra” of “Bolívar in war”. I thought that was pretty cool!

It wasn’t as full of artifacts as I was used to. There were more space in the rooms than there was art but that didn’t make the art any less beautiful! (The below art depicts the cause of political caos in Central America)


I could tell we were all pretty surprised, my dad probably more than the rest of us since he had to pay $2 for each of us to get in, but we made the best of it and had a fun time!

Maybe a little too much fun!

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