5K’s First Female!

Do you guys remember me mentioning that 5K I’ve spent two weeks training for? Well, I won! I won first in my category and first over all the women! I was very surprised but very glad to have one first over all the women. I’m so happy all my hard work paid off!

Every year my school hosts the same one called the Fun Run to raise school spirit and get everyone active. It was really hot the day of the race. My friends and I were sweating buckets just standing there. My friends said that for the 5K they just wanted to be able to survive it, but I knew that I came to win. Last year I won first in my category (15-16 year old girls) and I was planning on keeping that record.

It was my brother’s first Fun Run so it was up to me to tell him the jist of how everything was going to go. He was very excited and very impressed when I told him that I could run a 5K in about 20 mintes, but I knew that he hadn’t trained half as hard as I did. He kept on saying to me, “I’m going to be right behind you!” but I knew he probably wouldn’t but I didn’t want to break his spirit so I kept on replying with, “Even if we get lost in the crowd and you can’t see me, just keep on going.” He told me, “Don’t worry, if I lose you, I’ll sniff you out.”

Well I lost him in the first minute. But he did exactly as I said and kept going, which really made me proud because it was burning hot! I could’ve sworn the sun was trying to get a front row seat of the race and came down closer to us just to get a better look. I could hardly breath, not to mention the fact that I had asthma but thankfully, I remembered to take my inhaler before the run. I past up a lot of the girls in my category ( and a lot of the girls period) within the first minute as well so I thought that I got a pretty good start. For the rest of the race, I was just running with the boys.

I knew that I hadn’t seen any girl or women pass me for the first 2K of the race but I still had a feeling that they were probably up there somewhere. It wasn’t until I passes a photagrapher who was trying to tell me something through my earphones. As it turned out, he was telling me that I was the first woman! That made me run faster. As I kept on going, other people kept saying that as well. I was more motivated than ever.

Before you know it, I could see the finish line just a few feet away. To finish off my run, I decided to sprint the rest of the way. My dad later told me that he thought I started to sprint because he saw a blonde girl (whom of which was one of my friends in my category) coming up 40 ft. behind me!

I gave them the chip off my shoe and turned around to see, unsurpisingly, that my brother wasn’t there. I had a horrible blister on my left heel but I decided to get on the sidewalk and walk down the track, back the way I came. In a bout five minutes, I spotted him running with a girl, looking pretty tired. I jogged up to his side and said that I would finish it with him. We jogged most of the way there but when it came time to cross the finish line, I urged him to go full blast and we decided to do what we saw people do in the movies and hold each other’s hand and raise it high when we crossed the finish line! I really hope that I made my brother’s first Fun Run his best.

Anyway, we stayed for the awards, I won first place for girls aged 15-16 and first female overall. I was so proud of myself for even beating women who were some 15 years older than me!

Fun Run Trophy

I guess this is going to set my standard for next year!


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