Escazu, Costa Rica Chalk Festival

To spend our Sunday together as a family and to have something special to do during our three-day weekend, our family went to go see the Chalk Festival today in Avenida, Escazu. The artists were all so talented! We got to see the finished pieces of yesterday and the ones that were still in progress today. By the looks of it, I could tell that all the artists put a lot of hard work into their drawings. It looked like some of them had been there for hours! Almost all of them had someone with them who was nice enough to stand above them with an umbrella to keep the hot sun off of them. From what I saw it looked like all the artists’ hard work paid off! And for the ones that hadn’t finished yet, it would soon.

Escazu Chalk Festival 1Escazu Chalk Festival 2Escazu Chalk Festival 3Escazu Chalk Festival 4Escazu Chalk Festival 5Escazu Chalk Festival 6Escazu Chalk Festival 7Escazu Chalk Festival 9Escazu Chalk Festival 10Escazu Chalk Festival 11Escazu Chalk Festival 13


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