Reading List: Gifted Hands

Wow. Beautiful. Inspirational. This book will fill you with a renewed faith in all that God can do and the determination to go beyond the limits put around us, no matter what shape or form they come in.

As most people already know, this book was written by the famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson, most famous for successfully separating two Siamese twins joined at the head. I just finished this and already I want to re-read it all over again! This truly gave me a new sense of determination and made me feel that I really can do anything! After reading this, I’m even questioning if I still want to be a writer or pursue a career along the same course as he chose. Carson has let me see into the pressures of being a nuerosurgen but he’s also showed me the joyous side that comes with helping save lives and giving people second chances.

I can honestly say I’ve never read anything like this. So well written, so detailed and vivacious that through his times of self-doubt, uncertainty, determination, and joy, I felt as if I was we were one person. Because the book is one that I couldn’t put down, I had the pleasure of being right beside him through every wall he hit (and overcame), sweat-packed operation, and time where God performed miracles through Carson’s own “gifted hands”.

You’re not going to find a book as brilliantly written or inspiring as this one. So I suggest you start reading!


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