Costa Rican Parking Lots Are The Best

I love underground parking lots in Costa Rica! Mostly because they look like this:


(You may be wondering exactly what these are) And I’ll tell you!

In the States, it would always take forever for my family to find a parking space. Whenever we thought a space was open, it would turn out to be just a really small car trying to trick us. We might see one but it would be next to an abnormally big car, thus we couldn’t make it in. Then we’d find ourselves driving in circles around the same spaces over and over again until we’d see a car pull out. It wasn’t fun.

Since I’ve moved down here, I’ve never had to do that! In parking garages, the have light sensors above each parking space and depending on if the space is empty (green) or not (red) you could easily tell by the color of the light. Now our family just zooms in, finds a green light, and just like that, we have a parking space!

I can’t believe Ticos thought of this before the States did. Genius!


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